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Diary of a little echo

  Preparation for catechism session via Zoom This year, I completed my 8-year journey as a catechist and I must say it has been a most fulfilling adventure where I - learnt much about my beautiful Catholic faith from other catechists and through preparations of sessions; - enjoyed sharing my favourite faith stories to inspire our youths;   Primary 6 Session on "History of the Jewish People"   - worked hard with my team to plan interesting camps that not only bring our youths closer to Jesus but also strengthen their bonds with one another;   Playing Jesus in a skit at a Confirmation Camp - felt encouraged when our youths managed to complete their journey and even returned to serve;  - forged lifelong friendships with fellow catechists, coordinators and admin team through struggles with life's challenges while pressing on with our vocation; and - deepened my relationship with Jesus! If you're considering this special ministry and wondering if you have sufficient kno
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Come And See - "The Chosen" Jesus TV Series

It has been a long while since I last binge-watched any series because I really need my beauty sleep but I gave it all up for " The Chosen ": Rated a super impressive 100% by RottenTomatoes and 9.7 by IMDb , this unique crowdfunded TV series has 158 million views to date (and still increasing every second!). What I love about it is its ability to bring stories and characters in the Gospels to life in a way that is not preachy yet relates to us personally, reaching the very depths of the human heart; you cannot watch The Chosen without being transformed internally! In addition, it aims to be historically and theologically accurate as the creators of the show brought in a Catholic priest, a Jewish rabbi, and an evangelical scholar as consultants! Its portrayal of Jesus is refreshingly touching because it shows us the humanness of God; His human needs, compassion, limitations, kindness, love and most surprising of all: His great sense of humour! Yes, you heard me right: Jes

A Diary of Divine Mercy

Known as the second most important book in the world after the Bible, St Faustina 's Diary has allowed us intimate glimpses of the very heart of Jesus who wanted very much to bestow his mercy to us all but sadly, many of us are simply not aware or not interested.  From age 7, St Faustina started to have deep experiences of God and Jesus appeared to her often till her death at age 33. Her diary captures her conversations with Jesus who yearned for souls to turn to His Mercy for salvation. You can freely download the PDF of her diary here . In my pilgrimage to Western Europe in 2018, I had the privilege of visiting the Divine Mercy Shrine at Krakow and I had such a powerful experience there that I immediately bought St Faustina's Diary to learn more about Divine Mercy ! Here're some of my favourite entries of her diary which would give you a good idea of its power to transform our lives: 47 In the evening, when I was in my cell, I saw the Lord Jesus clothed in a white garm

How to Evangelise in the Digital Age

If Jesus were born in our digital age, I believe He would fully embrace digital technologies to share the Good News and make disciples of all social media platforms! Here're 3 key social media digital statistics as of July 2020 : More than half the world population (7.8 billion) are active social media users The top 5 social media platforms are Facebook, Youtube, WhatsApp, WeChat & Instagram Users spend an average of 2 hours & 22 minutes daily on social media platforms Hence, it's high time for us unleash the power of the Gospel in social media and here's how I have been evangelising digitally for your reference: Posting faith stories and articles on this blog in Facebook and LinkedIn Creating Youtube playlists of inspiring videos such as this one with Fr Mike Schmitz Sharing practical Bible verses in Instagram done up using Powerpoint such as this one on the family    Feel free to share more ideas here too! 

Answers to Difficult Faith Questions for Teens

Fr Mike Schmitz is known to be an excellent communicator who can connect easily with teens and I have compiled a comprehensive playlist of his Youtube videos here which I believe would resonate with teens today.  The playlist contains talks that cover a wide range of topics affecting today's teens, including difficult questions on suicide, relationships, prayer, love and even God Himself! "After three days they found him in the temple, sitting among the teachers, listening to them and asking them questions." Luke 2:46 "Ask, and it will be given to you; search, and you will find; knock, and the door will be opened for you." Matthew 7:7

The Ultimate Spiritual Resource

We all want to avoid suffering but we know that suffering is inevitable, for both believers and non-believers. The ageless question of "Why does a good God allow suffering?" has baffled many over the centuries but actually, the answer became crystal clear ever since the coming of Christ... As a Leukemia survivor, Fr Luke Fong is no stranger to suffering and shares with us his personal experience as well as what the Church has taught us since the dawn of Christianity on how to "offer up" our suffering for the reparation of sins and conversion of souls - in fact, suffering is a spiritual resource that is greatly under-tapped by Christians: "He who does not take his cross and follow me is not worthy of me." Matthew 10:38 "For it has been granted to you that for the sake of Christ you should not only believe in him but also suffer for his sake." Philippians 1:29 "More than that, we rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffer

Stories on the Power of the Rosary

We all love a good story especially one with heroes fighting villains against impossible odds and then finally triumphing against them!  And so, heeding the call of Fr Terence Kesavan to share stories of faith in accordance with the Storytelling theme of this year's World Communications Day ( #WCDweavingstories ) on 24 May 2020, I would like to share personal stories as well as my favourite stories on the power of the Rosary here. I first witnessed the power of the Rosary during my university days. There was once I was totally unprepared for an exam and tried desperately to find help the night before the exam. I was really very stressed because if I fail even one exam, I might lose my scholarship and even have to pay back a huge sum of money! My mom noticed my anxiety and did what she normally do when in trouble: she took out her Rosary and prayed throughout the night for me. Somehow, miraculously, help came to me that very night and I not only passed the exam, I sc