The Ultimate Objective

It is important to continually examine the ultimate objective of all our actions (including those we consider trivial) because it affects our motivation, peace and joy.

For example, I am currently playing Diablo II, a role-playing computer game. My ultimate objective was show my nephew and niece the love of God by bonding with them through playing the game with them online. Now suppose that after some time, my ultimate objective changes unconsciously and I begin to play the game more for the sake of satisfying myself and eventually getting myself addicted, I would lose my peace and even jeopardise my relationships!

As a Christian, it is even more important for me to be fully aware of my ultimate objectives because it is so easy to do things for self-centered and worldly objectives rather than divine ones. I know my weaknesses and thus, I would try to make an extra effort to ensure my ultimate objectives stay on track.

So if you find yourself becoming unhappy, stressed or easily frustrated, perhaps it's time to examine the ultimate objectives of your actions...


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