Leprosy of Sin

One of the greatest spiritual illnesses of our time is the leprosy of sin - more and more people are beginning to lose the sense of sin.

This is mainly because sin has found cover in an insidious modern thinking: if it feels good, doesn't do anyone any obvious harm and many people are doing it, then it must be ok to do it.

This eventually led to sexual promiscuity, abortions, divorces, materialism and individualism, even among Christians and other religious groups!

The decadence of modern society is a clear sign of the fallacy of such thinking! S
in is still sin irregardless of feelings and the number of people indulging in it!

We must eradicate this fast-spreading spiritual leprosy before it gets deeply rooted in our society. We must return to an utter repulsiveness of sin of every kind. I suggest the following ways (3 R's):

Redemption: Recall how much suffering Jesus Christ had to go through to secure our redemption (Isa 53:5)

Repercussions: Understand the tremendous repercussions of sin: everyone would be adversely affected in one way or another

"With greater or lesser violence, with greater or lesser harm, every sin has repercussions on the entire ecclesial body and on the whole human family."
Pope John Paul II (1920-2005) 264th Pope

Result: Know the ultimate result of sin: eternal suffering in Hell (Luke 13:22-28)


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