Hell: A Thorough Analysis

Nobody likes to talk about Hell and eternal damnation nowadays, not even from the pulpit - it's considered unpopular, unreal and outdated.

But I am going to write about it now... because whether we like it or not, whether we understand it or not, we can't change the reality of Hell.

I have done a thorough analysis of the arguments for and against Hell as well as review visions of Hell by mystics - my sobering conclusion (I personally don't like it but that doesn't change anything):

Hell exists and we have limited time to help ourselves and our loved ones avoid it through God's grace and sincere repentance.

But don't just take my word for it; take time to read, understand and analyse the evidence to sieve out the truth for yourself.

An Overview
You can find out the origins of the concept of Hell as well as beliefs of various religions on Hell here.

The Case Against Hell
One thorough Christian argument against Hell can be found here. Hell is denounced here through common sense and logic.

The Case for Hell
A detailed Biblical argument for Hell can be found here while official Catholic teachings can be found here. They both reveal weaknesses in the above case against Hell.

Visions of Hell
For me, the most convincing evidence for Hell lies not in arguments but in the vision of mystics who lived centuries apart but gave very similar minute descriptions of Hell:


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