Coping with an unfaithful spouse

I've personally witnessed the tragedies of a broken family, brought about by an unfaithful spouse. There is little on earth that is more unbearable than being betrayed by the one who was supposed to love you more than anyone else... And not forgetting the poor little ones who would grow up emotionally scarred by such unimaginable treason...

I could only pray for the family and lend a listening ear; no consolatory words could lift up any soul in such anguish.

But there is hope; in fact, there is always hope for nothing is impossible with God. The following are women who had hoped and eventually conquered their infidel husbands through their prayers, love and the amazing grace of God:

- St Rita of Cascia: St Rita won the heart of her unfaithful husband through 18 years of prayers and gentleness.

- St Monica of Hippo: Faced with an abusive and adulterous husband as well as a difficult mother-in-law, St Monica remained obedient and faithful, and eventually won their hearts.

- Blessed Elizabeth Canori Mora: Blessed Elizabeth responded to the physical and psychological violence of her husband with love and prayers for more than 20 years - shortly after her death, her husband was finally converted and even became a priest.

Let us share such stories to inspire the hopeless to hope for the impossible.

"I can do everything through him who gives me strength." Philippians 4:13


Liara Covert said…
Earlier this week, I did a speech about the power of forgiveness. Love and forgiveness are life-transforming forces that exist to teach us very meaningful things.

As for me, I have known different kinds of betrayal. Life experience has taught me to not perceive myself as a victim, but rather, to learn to see how my own behaviour has at times betrayed my true self.

Each person goes through a journey of what can be viewed as trials and errors. In order for someone who has betrayed you to forgive him or herself and heal, it is important that you learn to forgive. This helps you heal too.

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