Happy New Day!

I'm sure most of us enjoyed the new year celebrations and somehow felt refreshed with a sense of profound hope - it would be difficult to remain indifferent in such an atmosphere of contagious joy and optimism.

We somehow perceive the new year as the beginning of a new chapter where we can finally banish the failures and regrets of the past year, and look forward to a clean start with an intense determination to make the year a better one.

I, too, experienced the magic of the new year... and a eureka-like thought came along: "If we celebrate each and every day as if it were a new day of the year, wouldn't we be fired up each and every day?"

"Give us today our daily bread." (Matthew 6:11)

"From the rising of the sun to the place where it sets, the name of the LORD is to be praised." (
Psalm 113:3)


Christian said…
Thanks for your Blog :) God Bless you

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